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Michigan State vs. Michigan final score, with 3 things to know from the Spartans' win

Michigan State is still the king of Michigan.

In the craziest play of the college football season, and perhaps the craziest in a decade, No. 7 Michigan State took down No. 12 Michigan, 27-23, on the last play of the game in the Big House, picking up a fumble on a punt that looked like it would be the last play of the game and returning it for a touchdown to win.

So aside from that play ...

The Spartans' vaunted offense finally came back from the dead and launched an outstanding second-half comeback on the back of quarterback Connor Cook and wide receiver Aaron Burbridge. Coming into the game, the Spartans' offense wasn't the same as it was last year, and the offensive line still struggled against the strong Michigan front seven, but it did enough to get MSU back. And in true Big Ten fashion, it all started on a 74-yard trick play to a FULLBACK.

Now where does No. 12 Michigan go from here now that it's come back down to earth? The Wolverines looked to be in a rebuilding year after a season-opening loss to Utah, and then jumped into the national rankings with three straight shutouts. The defense is still very good, and the offense is just fine, but Michigan has some work to do.

And most improbably, Michigan State is still the king of the state.

Three things to know

1. The biggest thing from that game, and the biggest thing from this season, is the last play. Michigan fans can't believe it.

2. The officiating was high comedy throughout the game. Star Michigan linebacker Joe Bolden was ejected on a questionable targeting call. There was review after review after review, once three times in a row, looking at potential touchdowns (the last try was called a touchdown, but that decision was wrong). The refs also confused the teams and told Jim Harbaugh on a live mic that they "screwed up."

3. Michigan probably should have won this game, so we'll give the Wolverines this: They did have an outstanding 80-yard punt.


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