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Ohio State called for holding in a Big Ten game for the second time since 2013

No, really, it's been nearly two years.

Fans in Columbus witnessed history tonight during Ohio State's game against Penn State. No, it wasn't just Ohio State's new black uniforms or the larger blackout.

No, fans witnessed a holding call against the Buckeyes in a Big Ten game. Against tight end Marcus Baugh, to be exact.

That might not seem like that big a deal since holding penalties are pretty routine in football games, but this was Ohio State's first offensive holding penalty since -- wait for it -- 2013. [Correction: Ohio State's Jacoby Boren was flagged for holding against Maryland a week prior.]

Let's watch this historic moment:

It seems pretty unbelievable, but here's the complete list of holding calls against Ohio State's offensive line last year:

Fans frequently make snarky comments about how premier teams rarely (if ever) get called for holding, but Ohio State really hardly ever gets called for holding. Of course, maybe they're just really good at not holding.

It's anybody's guess when this rare event could happen again. Perhaps by the next eclipse, but then again, perhaps not.