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Utah threw a pass out of its end zone on a kickoff return

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What are you doing, Utes?

No. 4 Utah found themselves trailing at home to Arizona State because they did something incredibly weird.

After giving up a field goal that cut their lead to one point, Utah's Britain Covey caught the ensuing kickoff deep in the Utes' own end zone. Instead of kneeling for a touchback or just trying to run the ball out of the end zone, Covey took a few steps forward and inexplicably threw a forward pass to his teammate across the field.

As you may know if you're aware of the rules of football, that is a penalty. The illegal forward pass resulted in a safety since it took place in the end zone, turning Utah's one-point lead into a one-point deficit in the third quarter.

It's basically the opposite of Utah's special teams magic against Oregon from a few weeks ago, when they successfully pulled off an impressive fake on a punt return for a touchdown en route to their evisceration of the Ducks in Eugene.