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Fan hospitalized after heart attack during end of Michigan-Michigan State game

The fan is reportedly in stable condition.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The final play of Michigan State's stunning 27-23 victory over Michigan in Ann Arbor left many fans at The Big House in shock. One fan suffered a heart attack and was taken to the University of Michigan Hospital shortly after the game ended.

It is unknown whether the fan suffered the heart attack before or after the final-play touchdown. It is also unknown whether the fan was rooting for Michigan or Michigan State, Michigan spokesperson Diane Brown told the Associated Press.

"We did have one heart attack at the end of the game in the stadium," Brown said, per CBS Detroit. "Emergency medical personnel got to that person right away and were able to take that person to the University of Michigan emergency department for further treatment."


"We were going into the stands right after the game ended," Brown said.

Brown said EMS responded quickly and began to perform CPR on the person in the stands.

The good news is that the fan was reported in stable condition at the hospital as of Saturday evening, per Dan Murphy of ESPN.