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Gift Six? Fail to the Victors? What should be the Michigan State-Michigan play's name?

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The Internet has come up with plenty of options. Vote in the poll below!

Every great play in college football history has a good nickname to go along with it -- the Bluegrass Miracle, the Kick Six, The Play, etc.

And given that Michigan State's last-second win over Michigan is clearly one of the best plays in the history of the game, it, too, needs a name. Even Michigan State's head coach is asking for one.

Here are the contenders, some being thrown around all over the Internet and some new ones.

The Gift Six: Even the biggest Michigan State fan would admit that was a gift-wrapped play from Michigan. It was actually many gifts in one.

The Mich Six: Like Gift Six, but applicable to just teams from Michigan.

The Punt Six: Pretty self-explanatory.

The Quick Six: That sure was a very quick way to score six points!

Agony in Ann Arbor: Pretty standard, but breaks the "Six" trend.

The Michigan State Miracle: Same.

The Punt: The only issue is that it wasn't really a punt, because he never kicked the ball.

Endzone: The Snap, Drop and Runback of Michigan's Punt, by John U. Bacon: In stores next summer!

Fail to the Victors: It was a pretty big fail, and Michigan's fight song is "Hail to the Victors."

WOLVIE NO! or HARBY NO! Like the dormant meme "Sparty No!," used when MSU teams suffer a catastrophe.

SPARTY YES! The opposite of Sparty No!

The Big House Blunder/Bungle/Botch/other B words: More alliteration!

Watts Just Happened: The player who scored the touchdown is named Jalen Watts-Jackson.

The Jackson 6: See above.

Vote on your favorite and leave other suggestions in the comments.