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If the College Football Playoff were to start this moment, these 4 teams should be in

Our top four is made up of Baylor, Utah, Alabama and ...

Following Week 7, the SB Nation Selection Committee has convened and come to a number of conclusions about who should be included on our list of four. Jason Kirk and Spencer Hall join Dan Rubenstein to discuss their top fours and how they've evaluated the teams with strong arguments to be included.

Other committee members explain the thinking that went into their own rankings:

Bud Elliott

Alabama's front seven is being acknowledged as the best in the country, and yet I still don't think it is getting enough credit. Its reserves are better than probably 5 to 10 other top-25 teams'. You win national championships with elite defensive line play.

Ohio State is getting everyone's best shot and keeps winning, dominating Penn State last week. Baylor has played teams with very poor talent but has obliterated them all, and Clemson has a great balance of good offense and defense.

Matt Brown

It’s hard for me to ignore the resume that Utah has put together, even if their advanced stats profile doesn’t wow anybody. Right now, nobody has more good wins than Utah, so I give them the top nod even if their play isn’t always blowing people away. Baylor’s the opposite; they’ve been so dominating, especially on offense, that it’s hard to imagine anybody slowing them down, especially after their superlative performance against a decent WVU team.

LSU might have the country’s best offensive player, and a win over a better-than-expected Florida is enough to grab a spot from me.

Went out on a bit of a limb with Ohio State, the team that I still think is the most talented in the country, which has improved over the last few weeks and finally looked like it has things together on offense against a very good Penn State defense. If the Buckeyes keep this up, this might render their first forgettable month completely moot.