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Jim Harbaugh calls Indianapolis Colts rumors 'disrespectful'

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Don't ask Jim Harbaugh about this again.

Jim Harbaugh surprised everyone in the NFL by taking a college job over an NFL job when he took over Michigan's football team this offseason. And since NFL folks can never believe that someone would take a college job over an NFL job, there are rumors that Harbaugh will ditch Michigan for a return to the NFL. Harbaugh is not happy about that.

Harbaugh is likely talking about his name being mentioned with the Indianapolis Colts job, for seemingly no other reason than the fact that Harbaugh's former quarterback at Stanford, Andrew Luck, is with the Colts, and that Harbaugh once played for the Colts. Sports Illustrated's Peter King has suggested that the Colts reach out to Harbaugh, and an ESPN Radio host said on The Dan Le Batard Show that he thinks Harbaugh will leave for the job, just because.


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