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Ohio State finally changed starting quarterbacks, so what should you expect?

Good morning, college football! It's your wakeup newsletter.

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The nation's top-rated team is changing quarterbacks: J.T. Barrett will start for Ohio State this weekend against Rutgers, unseating season-long starter Cardale Jones. Barrett has been significantly better than Jones.

Jones is far from done, though. Barrett's performance is over a small sample size, and it's hardly certain that Ohio State's offense will immediately take off with a new quarterback under center, even if it is the quarterback that best matches Meyer's offense. Tuesday resolved some short-term issues. Long-term questions remain.

Let's talk Playoff. The SB Nation Selection Committee got together again Tuesday, and as of today your final four are led by Baylor and Utah.

Whipped with the #FunBelt. Arkansas State jumped out to a 34-7 lead on Louisiana-Lafayette and held on through repeated Ragin' Cajun comebacks to win 37-27.

Go Fish. Former USC defensive back Jeff Fisher says he's not interested in leaving the St. Louis Rams to coach at his alma mater. Because there is only one Jim Harbaugh on this planet, and that's probably a good thing.

Speaking of which, Harbaugh is not going to coach the Colts.

They'd have a better chance of luring Tito Puente. Maryland might take a run at Memphis' Justin Fuente, who probably has other options.

The World's Largest Outdoor Ticket to Playing Alabama in December. Florida is effectively one win over Georgia from an improbable SEC East title. The race could be over before November begins.

The undefeated teams have played nobody. PODCAST AIN'T PLAYED NOBODY asks if all the good teams have already lost a game this season, because maybe Alabama and Stanford are the only good teams.

Mascot Fight! Easy Call goes to the "Which mascot wins in a fight" method of picking games, which makes Oklahoma-Texas Tech really interesting.

Three words: Punter. Death. Match. What happens if Ohio State beats Michigan State and Michigan beats Ohio State? The College Football Playoff committee will decide who will get upset in the Big Ten Championship Game by Kirk Ferentz and the suddenly explosive Iowa Hawkeyes.

Dalvin's following linemen for three or more. The Numerical asks: Who is the nation's most explosive halfback? (Psst. It's not Leonard Fournette.) Dalvin Cook could break a whole bunch of records at Florida State, which is not insignificant for a program with the pedigree of the Seminoles.

Important rivalry question: Is Maryland a rival of Penn State? Sure! Why not? Whatever.

Can Arkansas' non-breakthrough season be salvaged? Beat Auburn and it's close.

There's no retirin' from HATIN'! At least not for Hatin'-Ass Spurrier!

Georgia Tech has lost five in a row. Is Paul Johnson on the hot seat? Nope, explains our Jackets blog.

Get excited about Thursday. Georgia Southern and Appalachian State might have brought their classic FCS rivalry to FBS, but it's still got postseason stakes.


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