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Mississippi junior college football game called after violent fight breaks out

East Mississippi Community College was winning 48-0 before ... this.

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Thursday night's game between East Mississippi Community College and Mississippi Delta was ended prematurely due to a lengthy fight before halftime. EMCC was winning 48-0 with 59 seconds left in the second quarter before the incident began.

Only at MDCC ...

Posted by Darius LaRentrez Scott on Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Commercial Dispatch's Scott Walters, from the scene:

Last month, a game administrator was ejected for throwing a clipboard at EMCC head coach Stephens, after which the coach was suspended.

EMCC is one of the top JuCo programs in the nation, and featured current Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly last season.

The Lions were scheduled to host a playoff game next week, but they have since been disqualified for the brawl.

(h/t Deadspin for video, Hugh Kellenberger for Walters' tweets)


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