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Miami's 58-0 loss to Clemson was its worst ever and a deluge of sadness

This might be the lowest Miami can go.

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

If Saturday was Al Golden's last game as Miami's head coach, he went out with a bang.

The Hurricanes got absolutely whooped, 58-0 by No. 6 Clemson. It was the biggest loss in Miami's 90-year football history, breaking a record set in 1944 when the Canes lost to Texas A&M, 70-14.

The saddest play came with Miami down 35-0, trying to get something -- ANYTHING -- before halftime. Instead, backup quarterback Malik Rosier threw a pick-six, and then it was 42-0.

At one point, Miami gave up a sack against a two-man pass rush.

On one play, Miami had a first down and ran backwards until it didn't have a first down anymore.

Dabo Swinney was mad about his team's sportsmanship despite the 42-0 halftime lead:

And it's possible the things going on around Sun Life Stadium probably tell you a lot more than the actual scoreline.

Of course, there was a plane flying a FIRE AL GOLDEN banner ...

... but that literally happens every week.

Jonathan Vilma brought his little daughter to her first game at The U! She hated it:

Miami football in 2015: Making children sad.

Miami great Leon Searcy was honored at halftime! He hated it.

One fan dressed up as the 2015 version of the Paper Bag Over The Head.

Think: That guy had to print out a picture of Michael Jordan's crying face.

Uncle Luke was perhaps the saddest.

Miami fans got into a fight in the stands! Everybody was much more interested in that than the game.

Our Claire McNear broke down the many, many, many things going on in this photo quite well.

Sometimes Miami football attendance gets a bad rap because of the stadium it plays in. Even if 50,000 people show up, Sun Life Stadium still looks pretty empty. But it was BAAAAAAAAAAAD as Clemson racked up the points.

Some ex-Miami players were embarrassed. They said so:

The capper? A defeated Golden refusing to look at whatever fans remained as Miami went through its postgame rendition of the alma mater:


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