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Georgia Tech pulls off 2015's other most shocking finish, because college football never stays quiet for long

Good morning! It's your wakeup roundup of everything college football, from "The Miracle on Techwood Drive" to JMU's "GameDay" signs to Leonard Fournette dancing in the rain.

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Just when you thought a weak college football Saturday would wind down without anything amazing and memorable, college football provided.

Remember last week, when Michigan State beat Michigan on an improbable last-second special teams blunder? Unranked Georgia Tech up and tried to top that, taking back a blocked field goal for a touchdown (alongside his twin brother!) to knock off undefeated Florida State in the final seconds. And this was a scenario FSU specifically planned for.

It was the first regular season loss for Florida State since 2013, and the first ACC loss for the 'Noles in like, forever.

You should listen to the Georgia Tech radio ("You gotta be kidding me!") call of the play, marvel at FSU's Twitter going dark for 10 hours and counting and watch Paul Johnson transition from "Get away!" to the sassiest postgame head bob possible.

No. 3 Utah "upset" by USC. Okay, not really, because the numbers already told you this would happen. The numbers did not tell you JuJu Smith-Schuster would juke out of his own shoe and summon a defender just to destroy him.

Valiant transitive win over Bowling Green by Alabama. The Tide eked by Tennessee 19-14, coming from behind in the fourth quarter. The game's ending made Tennessee alum Peyton Manning make some faces on the sideline. In more great news for the Tide, a different Alabama team gave up a Kick Six!

The real winner: all of us, for getting to see this picture of Nick Saban and Derrick Henry.

Winners Circle . #WeLoveYou28

A photo posted by Derrick Henry (@last_king_2) on

Finally, a comfortable Ohio State win! The Buckeyes rolled past Rutgers 49-7, and Brutus got to make fun of the Scarlet Knights. And this whole wide receiver thing continues to work for Braxton Miller after another highlight catch. The win came despite a Rutgers fan's fourth-grade social studies posters about New Jersey.

Your weekly Baylor POINTS update. 45, to Iowa State's 27. Star wide receiver Corey Coleman held his press conference shirtless, which is good. Much, much less good: quarterback Seth Russell broke a bone in his neck.

Tragic. Rival Oklahoma joined Oklahoma State in holding a moment of stadium silence after a car slammed into OSU's homecoming parade, killing four.

Oh dear, Miami. The Hurricanes suffered the worst loss in program history, a 58-0 beatdown at the hands of Clemson. Things got ugly. Three Miami fans fought (and the rest of the crowd watched, as it was better than the game), and the Canes looked literally afraid of first downs. At one point, Clemson sacked Miami with a two-man rush.

So many former Canes players are mad, everyone in the world thinks Al Golden is done (and there was another anti-Golden banner), except for his boss.

So anyway, here's Dabo Swinney dancing to "Hotline Bling."

Western Kentucky-LSU was wet and wacky. The game was played in the remnants of a hurricane, but that didn't stop Leonard Fournette and LSU's cheerleaders from dancing. The broadcast also featured a random graphic of Japan telestrated upon by Dan Hawkins (more of that, please, ESPN) and a defensive back who just ran all the way into the stands.

Auburn's slide continues. The Tigers lost the SEC West Disappointment Bowl to Arkansas in quadruple overtime, sending the preseason conference favorites to last in the division. On the bright side, the box score did look like a first-grader's bowling alley birthday party.


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Missouri has forgotten how to football. The Tigers haven't scored a touchdown since October 3, and here are 11 other ways of saying that. Missouri lost to Vanderbilt Saturday, which, good for Derek Mason!

Oof, Nebraska. Nebraska blew a fourth quarter lead for the fourth time this year, exactly one more time than the Huskers did so under seven years of Bo Pelini.

Big boy football. This photo probably looks altered, but you can't say for sure whether or not this was a real Stanford formation.

(It's not real, but might as well have been). Stanford basically just sat on Washington for 60 minutes.

Texas is on a winning streak, and it's finally starting to play Charlie Strong ball.

In the weekend's only ranked vs. ranked matchup, Ole Miss' defense was just too much for Texas A&M.

Michigan State finally blew somebody out! Except it was still a one-score game for Indiana with five minutes left.

Duke won a four-overtimer at Virginia Tech, and, since it was a road game, had to storm the field itself.

Bravo, James Madison. Sure, the Dukes have lost to Richmond, but their GameDay signs were on point. As was Lee Corso's presidential costume for his pick.

Individual feats of excellence:

And now, a series of amazing facts:

Washington State's offense had another massive day, and for the first time in 12 years, the Cougars have won three consecutive Pac-12 games after defeating Arizona 45-42 in Tucson today.

The Cougars are now 5-2 overall and second place in the Pac-12 North at 3-1 with first place Stanford coming to Pullman next week. They also need just one more victory to gain bowl eligibility.

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