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Trevone Boykin has flipped for touchdowns 3 different times now


Trevone Boykin can score touchdowns both by land or by air. That's not a new development. But on Thursday night as the No. 5 Horned Frogs took on West Virginia, Boykin took to the skies to finish off a touchdown run, flipping into the end zone to make it 14-0 TCU in the first quarter.

If it feels like we've seen this play before from Boykin, it's because we kind of haveMore than once, actually. Here's last November against Kansas State.


And also from last November, there's this effort against Texas.

That's now a rushing touchdown to go along with his touchdown pass to Josh Doctson to open the scoring. This was one play after West Virginia bailed out TCU with a pass interference penalty on third and 14. Not a sound strategy.