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Baylor's 410-pound TE catches one-handed passes easily, but needs help putting his jersey on

It's okay big man, we've all been there.

Even if you don't know his name, you know who LaQuan McGowan is. He has been a fixture in the lives of college football and Piesman Trophy enthusiasts ever since his Cotton Bowl touchdown against Michigan State.

Ahead of this season, we broke down the three different ways that the Bears could use this wrecking ball of an athlete to their advantage. He's a one-of-a-kind player who is a matchup nightmare for any defensive coordinator. He'll run over anyone in his path, he can run effective and unexpected routes and he could probably give Odell Beckham Jr. competition in a one-handed catch competition.

When it comes to getting that jersey all the way on, though..well...

It's okay, LaQuan, we understand. The jerseys probably run small anyway.