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These 2 Notre Dame linemen gang tackled this Clemson DE, and he still beat them

These guys need even more help here.

The big question for Clemson entering the season: how to replace so much of what might've been the country's best defense last year? Besides end Shaq Lawson, that is. No worries there.

Above, watch as it takes two cheating Notre Dame linemen to keep Lawson off of DeShone Kizer. It took two of them, and they both had to cheat to do it, and one of those guys is presumed potential first-round pick Ronnie Stanley. They were flagged for holding, part of a darn spree of ineptitude by the Irish offense:

At the moment, Notre Dame has all of 37 yards rushing and 82 yards passing. Clemson doesn't have many more, but Clemson has 11 more points, so that part's good.