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Dabo Swinney's post-Notre Dame sermon interrupted by hilarious 'SportsCenter' cutaway

(ESPN later played the entire interview in full. The only part missing in the video below was a question by Heather Cox.)

After No. 12 Clemson outlasted No. 6 Notre Dame in a thriller at home, head coach Dabo Swinney broke into a speech that touched on everything from student-athlete stipends to the Lord in Heaven, and just as he reached a triumphant crescendo, ABC's coverage cut over to the SportsCenter set, where Jay Harris and Kevin Connors were lookin' at some tablets and stuff. They never appeared to know they were on camera.

Swinney was being mobbed by fans, the field was covered with hurricane water (some call it rain), Notre Dame had just stormed back from 18 down to fall short, and somewhere in there, ESPN's gear broke.

That is good and perfect. This was the greatest thing that happened all Saturday.