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New Oregon uniforms are so Oregon, they feature Lewis and Clark on the helmet

The Ducks salute the history of their state by way of football uniforms.

Oregon will break out new uniforms on Saturday against Washington State, and this time, it isn't just about different colors. The Ducks will be wearing uniforms called "Oregon Pioneers" by Nike, which are intended to honor the history of the state of Oregon.


Each jersey will have a unique topographical map featuring a different part of the state. The helmet, seen above, includes 1800s American frontier explorers Lewis and Clark (and The Duck) pointing westward, and the back has a 33-star flag, the number the United States flag had for two years after Oregon joined the union.



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As you can see, the uniform does retain some of the standard Oregon uniform elements like shoulder wings and the number font, and the O logo is still there, just this time on the back of the helmet.

The words "Salute The State" are sewn into the collar as well.


The white and silver color scheme is certainly well-worn territory for Oregon at this point, but it's safe to say the rest of the uniforms are a little bit different than normal.

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