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Miami made a website for FSU fans to dump their raging Internet comments into


The U wants your worst, #FSUtwitter. That's right, the University of Miami has set up an official website for all the nasty comments 'Nole fans can dish out this rivalry week: Unsolicited FSU Fan Yes, it's actually registered to the university.

As you may know, Florida State fans have a bit of a reputation among the online college football community of aggressively inserting themselves into conversations. And with this weekend's big rivalry game coming up, the UM athletic department is more than happy to give rivalry fans a chance to get their feelings out.

Miami digital strategist Brian Bowsher said FSU fans aren't the only ones to have fun online.

The fan chatter hasn't been unlike what you'd expect in a rivalry game. I'm sure Miami fans have been vocal as well. All part of what makes sports fun.

The concept is based off of this John Oliver bit from earlier in the week.