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'I miss Lane Kiffin' and many other reactions to Steve Sarkisian's loss to Washington

Take it away, Twitter! And by "it," I mean Sark's playcalling sheet.

The game on Thursday night between No. 17 USC and Washington at the Coliseum was not a classic. In fact, it was actually very bad. The Trojans looked like they were on the comeback trail after trailing 17-6 early in the fourth quarter, but horrendous playcalling and a missed field goal crippled their late-game attempts and gave Washington a 17-12 win.

Down the stretch, USC was able to run the ball effectively with Ronald Jones and Tre Madden. They were picking up big chunks of yardage, and the only person who could stop them was ... Steve Sarkisian. The head coach repeatedly went to the pass despite Washington's inability to consistently stop the run, and it bit them squarely on the backside.

Let's check in on the howling spleen that is USC Twitter and see how they're handl -- oh. Oh dear.

Don't worry, they didn't!

Sark's not *that* bad

Okay, that's enough for the Internet. How'd the fans handle it in the stadium?

In sum:


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