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Oklahoma State and Texas Tech combined for 123 points, as God intended

In appreciation of what could be the nuttiest game of 2015.

John Weast/Getty Images

Entering Saturday, it wasn't difficult to find someone saying the game between Oklahoma State and Texas Tech would be weird. Those predictions were proven true as the 70-53 Oklahoma State win was an intensely strange, statistically staggering game that set the high mark for most points scored in a single game in this season, blowing away Memphis-Tulsa's 66-42 shootout.

For starters, four different players completed a pass for Oklahoma State. Mason Rudolph and J.W. Walsh you could have probably guessed, but wide receiver Austin Hays and running back Chris Carson also got into the act. Of the four, only Carson failed to throw a touchdown.

The two teams combined for 1,304 yards of total offense, 61 first downs and converted 55 percent of their third downs. At one point in the fourth quarter, this number happened. On Halloween!



"This is an all-timer," OSU head coach Mike Gundy said. "The truth is, we were behind a bunch, on the road at a place where it's not easy to play. And (the Cowboys) just kept rallying back. It's easy to fold when you're on the road."

You will not be surprised to learn the passing game comprised the bulk of the yardage, but Oklahoma State also managed to rush for 184 yards and average over five yards per carry. Walsh was the Pokes' leading rusher, going for 80 yards and a touchdown to augment his hilariously productive passing line (4-of-5, 167 yards, two touchdowns). Rudolph was downright sloppy by comparison, completing 60 percent of his passes for 285 yards, two touchdowns and a pick.

Oklahoma State's James Washington had 200 receiving yards and two touchdowns. He managed to do all that work on only four receptions. He averaged 50 yards per reception! Fifty!

It was much more of a mixed bag for Texas Tech. They fell apart down the stretch, which somewhat obscures a hugely productive game for Patrick Mahomes. He went 38-of-55 for 480 yards and four touchdowns, but he also threw two picks, including a pick six at the very end of the game that was so bad I laughed out loud in my living room before Ramon Richards even caught the ball.

Jakeem Grant was probably the Red Raiders' best player, collecting 13 catches for 178 yards and two touchdowns and also returning a kickoff 100 yards for a score. He nearly had two touchdowns of more than 90 yards, but he had to settle for only a 90-yard gain on a play that included this approximately 130-yard running path.

And last but certainly not least, this game also included an abjectly bad targeting penalty on a hit that didn't appear to include any helmet-to-helmet contact. Of course, this play was confirmed after review and Jah'Shawn Johnson was ejected for making what appears to be a legal tackle.

Before you ask, yes, this game was refereed by the same crew that botched the end of the Oklahoma State-Texas game.

Texas Tech fans, your thoughts?

The Cowboys, ranked No. 12 in the country entering this weekend, are still undefeated at 8-0. They have TCU next week and still have to play Baylor and Oklahoma, but somehow all three of those games are in Stillwater. Considering the defensive frailties they showed against Texas Tech, it seems unlikely they'll go undefeated.

But hey, weirder things have happened. Like two teams going for 123 points and 1,300-plus total yards on Halloween in Lubbock.


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