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It is the year 2015, and Miami needed a controversial miracle to upset Duke in football

Good morning! It's your daily roundup of college football stuff.

Remember how this was supposed to be a boring Saturday? The Hurricanes attempted to top the preposterous endings of the last two weeks by Michigan State and by Georgia Tech, shocking the No. 22 Blue Devils with a ridiculous, eight-lateral touchdown return. The return was followed by 10 minutes of review and a false alarm on the final call, but it was eventually confirmed.

It was the first game for the Hurricanes since Al Golden was fired after the worst loss in program history.

Yes, there's a controversy. Here's a moment-by-moment breakdown of the Miami miracle.

Not quite enough, Temple. No. 9 Notre Dame beat the pesky Owls in Philadelphia in what was a pretty raucous scene. The Owls TURNED THE HECK UP before the game by running into each other over and over. Irish quarterback DeShone Kizer taunted the Owls by flapping his wings after multiple TDs, a Temple fan appeared to steal an unsuspecting Notre Dame fan's beer and a Notre Dame fan tried to make out with Chewbacca.

The GameDay signs were historically themed, and also Rocky beating up Rudy. Lee Corso conducted the Temple band, and the Phillie Phanatic showed up, causing total mayhem.

Chin up, Cougs. Despite leading, Washington State fell just short against No. 8 Stanford, 30-28, when its kicker missed his first field goal of the night after hitting five.

Halloween fun! Kirk Herbstreit shrieked in terror as zombies invaded the broadcast booth.

GameDay wore creepy coaching masks, while on SEC Nation, Jared Lorezen rubbed the belly of someone in a Jared Lorenzen costume.

More Halloween:

Michigan survives Minnesota. The Gophers lost a heartbreaker to Michigan in the first game after Jerry Kill's retirement, in part because of mind-boggling clock management. It was an emotional scene, and Minnesota quarterback Mitch Leidner paid tribute by running on the field with a Jerrysota flag.

Gonna take that, Tide? Hugh Freeze learned how to do the whip, and the Rebels beat Auburn, declaring themselves Alabama state champs.

Hey, so Purdue beat Nebraska. Purdue's campus beauty shot was just a guy power washing a Neil Armstrong statue, and then Purdue beat Nebraska. After firing Bo Pelini for winning nine games, Nebraska could lose nine games. That makes for some sad Nebraska zombie fans.

What *is* targeting anyway? This Texas Tech tackle, which sure looks clean, was called targeting and upheld.

This hit, one of two that eventually knocked Michigan quarterback Jake Rudock out of the game, was not called targeting.

From Muschamp to SEC East champs? By beating Georgia 27-3, Florida's path to the SEC Championship Game looks pretty secureUGA fans have about had it.

Don't do that. An NC State assistant put his hands on Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson. Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly shoved one of his own assistants. Football can get intense, but don't do that!

Pssst. Iowa's now a resounding 8-0.

Texas??? After impressive back-to-back wins, Texas dropped an egg against Iowa State, losing 24-0. It was the first time the Longhorns had been shut out by an unranked team since 1961, and Texas will consider a quarterback change ahead of the Kansas game. Oh, and Iowa State did all this with a new quarterback and offensive coordinator.

Whoa. Washington beat Arizona by 46 points. Whoa.

Individual feats of excellence:


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