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College Football Playoff rankings: Notre Dame, Iowa move up in top 5

Two teams with losses are in the Playoff committee's new field of four. Full top 25 below!

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The second College Football Playoff rankings of the season feature no surprise at the top, with Clemson still up there after adding a respectable win against previous and current No. 16 Florida State. Ohio State's still in the top four after another nondescript W.

The three spots that will deliver 168 hours of shouting on this webpage and other platforms are those belonging to Alabama and Notre Dame, which have lost games, and Iowa, which does not score tons of points. This means that if the Playoff were to begin right now, the undefeated Baylor, Houston and Oklahoma State would be left behind likewise undefeated Iowa.

Fortunately, the season doesn't end right now. Baylor and OSU will get to prove themselves against each other, and so forth. Iowa looks likely to get its crack at the Buckeyes or whoever else wins the Big Ten East. UH doesn't have much of a shot at the Playoff, but several of its toughest games await as well.

As for why Bama and ND are ahead of those Big 12 teams, consider this: Bama's beaten six teams with winning records (committee longhand for "quality opponent") and Notre Dame has four, but Baylor and OSU have a combined two. That's why Iowa's so high, too; the Hawkeyes have four of their own.

The new top 25:

Playoff committee ranking S&P+ ranking Best win, per S&P+ Worst loss, per S&P+ If the season ended today
1 Clemson (9-0) 1 Notre Dame Orange Bowl vs. Notre Dame
2 Alabama (8-1) 2 LSU Ole Miss Cotton Bowl vs. Ohio State
3 Ohio State (8-0) 4 Penn State Cotton Bowl vs. Alabama
4 Notre Dame (8-1) 6 USC at Clemson Orange Bowl vs. Clemson
5 Iowa (9-0) 20 at Wisconsin Rose Bowl vs. Stanford
6 Baylor (8-0) 7 West Virginia Sugar Bowl vs. SEC
7 Stanford (8-1) 14 at USC at Northwestern Rose Bowl vs. Iowa
8 Oklahoma State (9-0) 16 TCU Fiesta or Peach
9 LSU (7-1) 8 Florida at Alabama New Year's bowl, perhaps Sugar
10 Utah (8-1) 24 Michigan at USC Fiesta or Peach
11 Florida (8-1) 9 Ole Miss at LSU New Year's bowl, perhaps Sugar
12 Oklahoma (8-1) 5 West Virginia Texas
13 Michigan State (8-1) 29 at Michigan at Nebraska
14 Michigan (7-2) 3 BYU Michigan State
15 TCU (8-1) 13 West Virginia at Oklahoma State
16 Florida State (7-2) 11 Louisville at Georgia Tech
17 Mississippi State (7-2) 22 Louisiana Tech at Texas A&M
18 Northwestern (7-2) 40 Stanford Iowa
19 UCLA (7-2) 19 BYU Arizona State
20 Navy (7-1) 17 at Memphis at Notre Dame Fiesta or Peach
21 Memphis (8-1) 39 Ole Miss Navy
22 Temple (8-1) 37 Penn State Notre Dame
23 North Carolina (8-1) 32 Duke vs. South Carolina
24 Houston (9-0) 35 at Louisville
25 Wisconsin (9-2) 26 at Illinois Iowa

For what it's worth (A LOT), the SB Nation Selection Committee convened earlier and produced the same top four:


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