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J.T. Barrett to police during impaired driving stop: 'I'm the quarterback of Ohio State'

The video from J.T. Barrett's OVI stop has surfaced, and the Ohio State quarterback appears to use his status in an attempt to avoid being arrested.

Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett apparently knew he was in trouble when Columbus police pulled him over for operating a vehicle while impaired early on Oct. 31. So much trouble, in fact, that he asked the responding officer if there was anything he could do to help out "the quarterback for Ohio State."

Barrett tells the officer "I'm the quarterback of Ohio State" as he's being handcuffed and led to the back of a police cruiser. Seconds later in the clip, he asks him "is there anything you can do?" The officer replies "What I'm gonna do, my intention is to not take you to jail. That's about the best I'm doing for you tonight."

The quarterback was cited for one misdemeanor offense of OVI after registering a blood alcohol level of just over .08. He was sentenced to a $400 fine, a 180-day suspension of his driver's license and three days of alcohol education classes.

Barrett's lack of judgment also cost him one game as the quarterback for Ohio State. He was suspended for the team's home matchup against Minnesota, a game the Buckeyes won 28-14. He also forfeited his scholarship for the upcoming summer semester -- though head coach Urban Meyer suggested, vaguely, that he can "earn it back."