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Oklahoma State QB's 4th grade homework proves he was the most Texas kid alive

If you're going to do a worksheet, you might as well make it entirely about football.

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Lots of high level college and professional athletes started dreaming of playing sports when they were young. In that respect, Oklahoma State quarterback J.W. Walsh is not unique. He was really, really into football in fourth grade though, filling up this question and answer worksheet with nothing but football responses, making him an extremely Texas child, possibly the most Texas child.

When asked which decision he finds the most difficult, this roughly-nine year old from Abilene went with deciding "which way to run the veer", not which order he eats his Gushers in, or which kind of Mountain Dew he would drink when his parents weren't around (it was totally Code Red). He also loved throwing touchdowns and hated throwing interceptions, stances I'm sure he has not wavered on over the past decade or so.

Another highlight: "I disagree with my parents over decisions concerning: Football." Tell 'em, J.W.

Yes, Teacher, there may be more to life than just football. But young Walsh called his shot here, and is more Texas than beef ribs.