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Maryland punter shanks 11-yard punt, tries to fight bench

That punt isn't the bench's fault.

Maryland is playing Michigan State tight, in spite of their special teams woes. Their star kicker Brad Craddock is out with a dislocated wrist -- a sprained wrist does make it harder to kick! -- and their punting situation, well:

That's starting punter, walk-on freshman Nicholas Pritchard, kicking an 11-yarder and then trying to fight a bench. It's not your run of the mill 11-yarder that's shanked so hard that it travels 50 yards out of bounds, but only 11 upfield, it's a shank that only travels about 13 yards in the air before rolling out of bounds. It was rough.

Pritchard's had a pretty good year, but after the 11-yarder, he was benched for fellow walk-on freshman Lee Shrader. And the first attempt of Shrader's career went just 19 yards. Things could be better!

In spite of the great field position they've given Michigan State, the Terps are still tied 7-7 with the 13th-ranked Spartans.