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Watch all 9 of Alabama's sacks against Mississippi State and recoil in fear

Last week Alabama shut down Leonard Fournette without selling out to do so. This week the Tide recorded nine sacks. What can't they do?

Alabama did horrible things to Dak Prescott. Mississippi State had allowed only 13 sacks in its first nine games of the season. Bama sacked Prescott nine times in a 31-6 whoopin':

Alabama always, always, always has an elite defense. But it tends not to achieve this via a killer pass rush. The Tide tend to shut people down with a brick wall against the run game and a shutdown secondary.

This was the most sacks Alabama recorded in a game since 1998, when it sacked Vandy nine times. Last year, when Alabama made the Playoff, the Tide were 40th in the nation in total sacks. In 2013, when they were a 110-yard field goal return from the national title game, they were 80th. In their three recent national championship seasons, the Tide ranked 29th, 16th, and 29th. Great, but not elite.

The Tide entered today with the ninth-most sacks in the nation, and could climb as high as second with their preposterous day. (Oklahoma and Oklahoma State entered the game tied for second with 33. Alabama now has 38.)

Add a dominant pass rush to a defense that last week managed to shut down Leonard Fournette without selling out to do so -- something nobody thought was really possible -- and there's kinda nothing Alabama's defense can't do. The numbers say the Tide have the best passing and rushing defense in college football. That's frightening as all hell.