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Oklahoma State megabooster thinks a 12-0 Big 12 champ would pass Notre Dame, and he's probably right

The Cowboys probably control their own destiny, says a man who gives them lots of money.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

If Oklahoma State wins its final two games and finishes undefeated, one of its biggest donors isn't worried about the Cowboys missing out to Notre Dame for a College Football Playoff berth.

At present, the Cowboys are No. 6 in the Playoff selection committee's rankings. The Irish are No. 4. Boone Pickens, a big-time Oklahoma State benefactor whose name adorns the team's stadium, thinks that could change.

It's probably a little bit of a stretch to say it's not "realistic" for Notre Dame, with just one loss to No. 1 Clemson, to beat out an unbeaten team from a league that doesn't have a conference championship game. It definitely could happen.

And yet, it would feel a little bit odd. If the Cowboys get to 12-0, they'll have done it by beating one-loss Baylor and one-loss Oklahoma in their final two games. Baylor was a front-line Playoff contender itself until last weekend, when Baker Mayfield and the Sooners sabotaged the Bears' dreams. Now, even the Sooners are in the conversation.

It wouldn't seem quite right for Oklahoma State to run through Baylor and Oklahoma and finish with its face pressed up against the Playoff's glass, but it's at least possible. Especially given that Notre Dame wraps up its year against no-slouch Stanford, a win in that game could be enough of a resume-booster to keep the Irish in the top four. Or Florida could beat Alabama in the SEC championship game, and this whole operation could plunge into utter chaos.

Barring anything unusual, though, the Cowboys should get to write their own story from here on out.