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Iowa State blew out Texas, and even the Cyclones' coach admits that should never happen

But it still happened!

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Just when it looked like Texas has started to turn its program around, the Longhorns suffered arguably their worst loss ever, as they were shut out by lowly Iowa State, 24-0. Iowa State does not have a particularly good program, and that's true again this year, as the Cyclones are 3-5 and coach Paul Rhoads is on the hot seat.

In enjoying the win, Rhoads said the obvious thing that most coaches probably wouldn't say:

"I don't know how this comes across," Rhoads said. "But, I'll say this anyway. We shouldn't beat Texas, probably. Every kid that they recruit, if I go recruit them, I'm not going to get them. I'm not going to get them. OK? But, we did and we have twice because the program's moving in the right direction."

I mean, yeah! True! Though beating a bad Texas team might not necessarily prove that Iowa State will be just fine in the future. The Cyclones last beat Texas in 2010.

The Texas program absolutely isn't moving in the right direction, and coach Charlie Strong seemed to agree with Rhoads' assessment that the Longhorns shouldn't be losing to Iowa State.