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ACC honors Miami player's amazing TD while admitting it shouldn't have counted

It might not be enough to count, but it was good enough to win an award!

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Miami's Corn Elder is the ACC's special teams player of the week, which makes sense, given that he finished off this miracle, eight-lateral kickoff return for a touchdown to give the Hurricanes a win against Duke.

The only problem? The ACC also says that play should not have counted.

Even though the ACC doesn't think the play should have counted, it explained Elder won his award because of the kick return:

Elder scored the game-winning touchdown in Miami's 30-27 win at 18th-ranked Duke on Saturday night. Elder was on the receiving end of the Hurricanes' eighth lateral toss, which he then took 75 yards to the end zone for the go-ahead touchdown with no time remaining.

Someone should totally block a field goal by standing behind the offensive line. That might win the award, too!