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Mark Richt's hot seat at Georgia might be for real this time

Could the Bulldogs join the coaching market?

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia coach Mark Richt could be on a hotter seat than ever after the Bulldogs lost, 27-3, to Florida on Saturday, all but ensuring they can't in the SEC East. According to FOX Sports' Bruce Feldman, Richt has lost a lot of support.

As Dawg Sports noted, this year has been unacceptable. And while the offense has been mediocre-to-bad, that shouldn't have been a surprise, given that Richt hired an offensive coordinator who was previously mediocre-to-bad at his job. There have been grumblings about Richt being on the hot seat before, but those grumbles are gaining more traction this year than others.

The heat has been on since that listless loss, with writers at the Atlanta Journal ConstitutionSports Illustrated and CBS Sports exploring whether Richt and Georgia should part ways. It's especially tough to stomach since Georgia was supposed to roll in the weak SEC East this year and was essentially eliminated from the division race before November.

Richt has been at Georgia since 2001. He has also been linked by some to the Miami job, since he was a quarterback there.

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