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Now Justin Fuente and Tom Herman both have $3 million-plus offers to stay off the market

Good morning, it's the Read Option. Here's what's going on in college football.

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On the heels of Houston head coach Tom Herman's proposed salary raise on Thursday, Memphis is taking a similar approach with head coach Justin Fuente. The school is reportedly offering more than $3 million to keep Fuente at Memphis. Both coaches have led their schools to stellar records this year -- Houston is at a perfect 10-0, while Memphis holds an 8-2 mark. Fuente and Herman are possible targets for teams on the market for a head coach, and their current schools have made very competitive offers.

Set your viewing plans. With the regular season closing down, figure out your Saturday game schedule with our guide.

Player updates: Baylor quarterback Jarrett Stidham is expected to play versus Oklahoma State, which has one Cowboys player excited. Elsewhere, Ole Miss linebacker Denzel Nkemdiche won't play against LSU and Mizzou defensive tackle Terry Beckner Jr. is out for the season due to a knee injury.


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LSU: a difficult job. With LSU hoping to rebound from a two-game losing streak, a look back at Les Miles.

Big, Big Ten game: No. 9 Michigan State has a tough matchup with Ohio State on Saturday.

They ain't played nobody! Strength of schedule is an issue for a lot for top teams, but frequently, it's not their fault.

They also ain't played nobody, this week. SEC schools are playing a bunch of FCS schools this week. For the conference, it's a mostly understandable decision.

MASCOT FIGHTS has a 30-26 record on its picks for the season, because of science. Check out this week's picks and take notes.

Something fun for the campus gift store. Nick Saban compared Georgia Southern's offense to "shit through a tin horn," so GSU made T-shirts.

Friday night, Air Force seized near-total control of the division by winning at Boise State, while USF smoked Cincinnati by 38 points.

You're not gonna believe this, but Baylor landed a four-star receiver commit.

Why is Charlie Strong's rebuild taking so long? Six reasons.

Good news for Texas. Three-star receiver Davion Curtis flipped to the Longhorns from the Georgia Bulldogs.

Cross-conference games. They're common in other sports, but what about football? Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema has some thoughts.

Condolences. Both of Doug Flutie's parents died within an hour of each other on Wednesday, but Flutie plans to be in NBC's broadcast booth for Notre Dame-Boston College on Saturday.

SNOW. Iowa's playing in a ton of it today, and is thus at the peak of its powers.