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Recently fired Iowa State assistant mocks Paul Rhoads after brutal collapse

The former Kansas coach and ISU assistant is sawin' wood and throwin' shade.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Mangino started the season as offensive coordinator at Iowa State. He didn't end it that way: Mangino was unceremoniously fired by Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads four weeks ago. Rhoads said it was over a personnel dispute. Mangino didn't say much of anything.

That is, until Saturday, when Iowa State blew a 35-14 halftime lead by fumbling the ball away three times, losing to Kansas State 38-35. Moments after the final gun, Mangino saw Rhoads' battered body in the middle of the mat and CAME FLYING OFF THE TOP ROPE:

The "no doubt" quote is a clear reference to Rhoads, who uses the phrase frequently.

Mangino then retweeted a string of responses from irate Iowa State fans, many of which aren't flattering (Note: There's swearing below).


Needless to say, the former Kansas coach enjoyed his Saturday.