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A brawl broke out in the stands right after Mississippi State beat Arkansas

Inter-fanbase scuffling? Disappointed Arkansas fans coping with violence? Overzealous Mississippi State celebrating? We'll never know.

Mississippi State beat Arkansas in a thriller, 51-50, thanks to a blocked field goal in the game's waning moments. Immediately after the missed field goal, the ESPN cameras cut to the stands... and accidentally captured some dudes beating the crap out of each other:

Our guess is that this is Mississippi State fan fighting an Arkansas fan. However, the two schools have very similar colors. We can't be completely unsure that this is Mississippi State fans or Arkansas fans infighting. Can't put it past CLANGA or Hogs fans to self-regulate.

Let's zoom in a bit closer:

The amazing thing is, Fighting Mississippi State And Arkansas Fans don't actually look that much different from Celebrating Mississippi State Fans.

It was truly a banner day for ESPN capturing supporters of CLANGA at inopportune times.