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'Signs are piling up' that Chip Kelly and the Eagles could part, says Adam Schefter

Good morning, college football! Let the Read Option help you catch up.

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Chip coming home to college football? "The momentum and signs seem to be piling up against a Chip Kelly return to Philadelphia," said ESPN's Adam Schefter, about as plugged-in an NFL reporter as there is. "I think both sides are sick of each other," he said, as anonymous player agents claim the former Oregon coach has lost the locker room.

When asked about a return to college, Kelly did the Kelly thing and messed with the media, saying, "I don't understand the question," and, "Oh, I have a job." If he does come back, we recommend USC or Miami.

Tuesday means a new batch of College Football Playoff rankings, and while the top two spots remain firmly in the grips of Clemson and Alabama, all hell is breaking loose below. Oklahoma, fresh off wins over Baylor and TCU, leapfrogged into the third spot vacated by Ohio State. Iowa, one of only two unbeaten teams, moved into fourth.

Michigan State, the team responsible for Ohio State's downfall, is in fifth. Should Iowa and Michigan State win this weekend, they will play a de facto play-in game in the Big Ten Championship. Notre Dame, in fourth for the last two weeks, fell to sixth after a turnover-plagued win over Boston College.

The Playoff's committee liked Oklahoma a lot more than ours, which had Notre Dame a solid No. 3.

For everyone else, it's almost Signing Day. Where will the top 10 uncommitted recruits still available end up going? The answer: the SEC, mostly.

Jim Harbaugh is nuts. The first-year Michigan coach and certified Michigan Man became the first Wolverines head coach to participate in the annual pre-Ohio State cemetery walk. And then he smashed a buckeye with a hammer on Bo Schembechler's grave.

So is LSU. Three weeks after being ranked No. 2, Les Miles is reportedly on the verge of being fired. His fault: Not being Nick Saban.

Miles Isles. LSU could spend the $15 million needed to buy out Miles on, among other things, an island.

Rivalry Week preview podcast:

It's Rivalry Week, but the most important non-power game of the year is no rivalry at all. It's Houston-Navy, a game that could well determine a New Year's bowl berth.

Forget the Playoff. Beat Michigan. With no rankings or polls or championships to think about for the first time in years, Ohio State can focus on hating Michigan with the heat of a thousand supernovas.

Crashing the party. In the Year of the Running Back, Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson suddenly looks like a Heisman frontrunner.

Badgering the fans. Barry Alvarez does not like Wisconsin fans throwing snowballs. Except for the snack cakes, that is, because those are awesome.

The SB Nation search committee. We've identified the 12 candidates for your coaching vacancy. Yes, one of them is Houston Nutt, but only after we've exhausted a bunch of other options, like Chip Kelly and Greg Schiano.

Tom Herman, America's Most Wanted. The Houston coach and former Ohio State offensive coordinator is in play for the opening at Missouri as South Carolina shoots down rumors a deal is done.

Geaux Cuse. Might it be Ed Orgeron putting the O in Orange?

There's a chance in Helton. If interim coach Clay Helton wants to get the USC job permanently, beating UCLA would be a really good start.

You can't remove the Wizard. Bill Snyder is coming back for another year at Kansas State, despite the fact that he will be 77 next season.

#MACTION: Ohio broke a bunch of NIU winning streaks last night and pushed the MAC West race to the final weekend.


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