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Les Miles' (last?) radio show at LSU includes crying fans and a sad child on stage

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Happy Thanksgiving from the Read Option. This is your morning college football roundup.

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Les Miles' job status with LSU has dominated the national conversation, and the emotional roller coaster hit a tipping point on Wednesday night, in what became a heartbreaking edition of Miles' weekly radio call-in show.

Some live questioners were brought to tears at the event at TJ Ribs on Acadian Thruway. Sadie, a weekly caller, traveled from Texas with her family to the show.

During the live question segment, Sadie began crying while asking Miles a question about the offense. He reached his arms out for her, pulling her onto the stage, where he spoke to her face-to-face as if she were a confused running back.

The full audio is here, with fans asking emotional questions throughout (and one guy unhappy about clock management, as is required at such events):


At And the Valley Shook, they're still lamenting the way this process has played out.

Happy Thanksgiving, by the way. Miles explains the holidays, including today:

Rivalry Week is here! And Bill Connelly has your guide to absolutely everything at stake across the country.


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Today's slate of games will feature Texas vs. Texas Tech, a rivalry which one side thinks is unworthy of the holiday, while the other is preparing for in somewhat dramatic fashion. Plus, the War on I-4 takes South Florida up to UCF with a chance at an AAC Championship Game birth on the line for the Bulls.

Would Jimbo Fisher leave FSU for LSU? Many assume he would, but Tomahawk Nation explains why it's not guaranteed.

The Week in Schadenfreude is all Buckeyes, all the time this week.

Why'd Heisman winner Charles Woodson choose Michigan over Ohio State? He says it came down to family ties.

Thanksgiving travel podcasts! The Solid Verbal has your preview right here, and Podcast Ain't Played Nobody is plotting how to run the Playoff.

As for the new Playoff rankings, will the lack of a conference championship game actually help the Big 12?

Iowa is firmly in the mix, and the funny thing about that is that they really haven't changed all that much. It's just working better. Now the only question is whether to rest the starters against Nebraska. ;)

Good Bull Hunting has a hilarious preview of Texas A&M's Thanksgiving game against Texas. Shh, shh, let us dream.

What just happened? JJ Watt seems to have lost a bet on his Badgers. Here he is looking grumpy in Northwestern gear.

The coaching carousel keeps spinning:

In other weekend news, Baylor will be without Jarrett Stidham for the duration of the year, Wazzu is preparing for life without Luke Falk and Auburn's Jeremy Johnson is starting to put some things together before the Iron Bowl.