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Baylor vs. TCU 2015 final score: Plagues of rain and Frogs ruin Bears' Playoff hopes, 28-21

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Mother Nature took out some frustration on the Bears and Horned Frogs on Friday night, and TCU got their vengeance for 61-58.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

No. 7 Baylor came up a yard short on fourth down in double overtime, giving No. 19 TCU revenge for 2014, 28-21 in double overtime. This game was utterly ruined by the weather, bogging down both teams to well, well below their season averages in basically everything except punts. The game wasn't the only thing ruined on Friday night though, as the loss effectively removes Baylor from College Football Playoff contention.

Kickoff was delayed by nearly an hour due to inclement weather, and the elements did not exactly improve. The game was played in a driving rain with a wind chill in the mid-20s, which is just about the most miserable weather imaginable. It was obvious how much the weather affected both teams, as their high powered attacks sputtered all night. In fact, both teams hit their season high for punts.

Trevone Boykin returned for TCU, though he was far from his best. Boykin missed TCU's game against Oklahoma last weekend with an ankle injury, but was able to start, albeit with his ankle heavily taped. He was clearly not his normal, explosive self, but it's hard to think either Bram Kohlhausen or Foster Sawyer would've been much better.

Neither team had over 200 yards of offense in the first half, and the second half wasn't any better. Both TCU and Baylor kept trying to push the ball down the field through the air, and it just never came off. TCU tied the game at 14-14 on a 56-yard fumble return by Josh Carraway with 12:55 left in the second quarter, and those were the final points of regulation. All told, the final 32 -- yes, three two, 32 -- offensive possessions of the game resulted in zero points between these two teams, and the game was the lowest scoring regular season game in the Big 12 this year.

Overtime was a relative offensive explosion. Both teams traded touchdowns in the first frame, and TCU scored quickly to make it 28-21. Baylor appeared to come up short on 4th and one on their drive but were bailed out by a timeout. On their second attempt, the Bears came up short again, ending the game.

The stats for this game were gruesome. Chris Johnson made his first ever start at quarterback for Baylor, and it wasn't great. He went 7-of-24 for 62 yards, a touchdown, and a pick, and his first completion after halftime was the touchdown pass in overtime. Boykin was only 18-of-33 for 148 yards, two touchdowns, and a pick. Corey Coleman, who leads the nation in touchdown catches, had one catch for eight yards. Neither team had more than 350 yards of total offense.

Everywhere you look on the stat sheet, it was bad. But if you want one stat that says it all, Baylor had more punts than completions.

Three things to know

1. That was a mess. The weather, the turnovers, the execution, all of it. It was a total mess, and it was difficult to watch sometimes. That this monstrosity of a game was the successor to 61-58 is strangely fitting, in a way, but it just goes to show no matter how much teams can talk about not letting outside factors affect them, there are limits to that talk.

Shoutout to TCU's dance team though, as they were out there in this nonsense wearing short shorts.

2. Let us celebrate the punters. Drew Galitz and Ethan Perry were the real stars of the show tonight. Baylor's Galitz more than doubled his previous season high for punts in a game, and Perry also set a season high while also getting completely mashed by Shawn Oakman.

3. And now, Bedlam. The Big 12 spotlight slides north, as the winner of Bedlam will take home the Big 12 title and a shot at the Playoff. And don't worry, the weather in Stillwater is possibly worse than in Forth Worth.


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