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Les Miles might somehow survive as LSU's head coach, per report

The story in Baton Rouge appears to be far from over.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The sun has risen once again, which means we have another twist in Les Miles saga at LSU. Hours after reporting that Jimbo Fisher could be staying put at Florida State, Football Scoop is reporting that political backlash in the LSU hierarchy may mean Les Miles could be sticking around in Baton Rouge.

This morning, multiple sources have told FootballScoop that the "political forces" involved are weighing in unlike ever before. Multiple sources have said to FootballScoop today, "If LSU wins, there now is a very real chance Les hangs on." To be clear, this was not the case just a few days ago. All sources agreed on that point.

When FootballScoop said to a source, "So perhaps [athletic director Joe] Alleva played his cards too early?" the response was, "Perhaps; but maybe this was orchestrated above Joe and the ultimate goal was to force a change there."

If the reaction of an emotional crowd after LSU's win over Texas A&M on Saturday is any indication, Alleva may have to answer questions from a passionate fanbase if Miles is fired.

A 11-year coaching tenure hanging in the balance and being decided after a game against Texas A&M is incredibly unreasonable, but this is LSU and reason has long since left the building.

On Friday, there were conflicting reports of whether Miles said goodbye to a booster group during a weekly meeting, though perhaps not the same group of boosters who have reportedly been trying to orchestrate his ouster for weeks now.

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