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Joey Bosa's tipped interception and stiff arm might win the Piesman

The freak Ohio State defensive end put on a show on this play.

I'm not sure how it took this long for Joey Bosa to get into the Piesman discussion, but he's certainly there now after he tipped a pass and picked it off deep in Michigan territory late in the Buckeyes' 42-13 win.

Gif credit: ABC

We throw around the Piesman name anytime a big fella does anything, but this play might legit win the thing for Bosa. He:

  1. Tipped up his own interception
  2. Stiff armed the quarterback
  3. Did it against his team's archrival
That's a winning formula right there, and might be one of the best things to happen in a day full of good things for Ohio State.

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