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Frank Beamer's dabbing puts all other coach dabs to shame

He isn't the first coach to use the dance move after a win, but he's clinched the title of the greatest.

Frank Beamer won his final regular season game on Saturday, 23-20 over Virginia. It was Tech's 12th straight win over the Cavaliers, and clinched a 23rd consecutive bowl game as well. Things were pretty emotional for the Hokies on the sideline, and the celebrations got even better in the locker room.


Yep, that's 69-year old Frank Beamer dabbing with the same fluid motions you'd see from a Mike Tyson's Punch-Out character. This isn't the first time he's gotten loose with the dancing though, as we have evidence of jubilant movement from:

Keep dancing, Frank. You've earned it. And everyone else can probably stop dabbing now.