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Will Muschamp is so mad he blew the leaves off this CBS graphic

Oh come on, I just finished raking that pile, Coach!

Auburn defensive coordinator Will Muschamp is an emotional man. He's been known to get a little heated on the sideline and do some hollerin', and today's game against Alabama is no exception. Except this time, he got so dang worked up, he blew the leaves clean off the graphic popping up on the screen.

GIF credit: CBS

Have you neglected yardwork for too long this fall? Just bring over your nearest Will Muschamp, and he'll holler the leaves straight off your lawn! Save yourself hours of tedious work and an inevitable back ache, and let Coach Boom's lungs do the hard work for you!

And if you don't call him, he'll get mad all over again.

GIF credit: CBS

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