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Kansas' final blowout loss in its winless season made the Jayhawk throw up in a trash can

The Kansas Jayhawks are football ipecac.

Kansas entered Saturday's in-state rivalry game with Kansas State at 0-11. The Jayhawks got outscored 35-7 by the Wildcats in the first half, and soon they will be 0-12. This pretty much summarizes their season:

So far as we can tell, that vomiting Jayhawk is from today's game. Kansas is wearing red uniforms today like the Jayhawk. He's on a sideline with a bunch of people wearing KSU purple. And there's a banner for FS1, which is broadcasting today's game.

Kansas has been bad for a while, winning no more than three games since 2009, but for a power conference team to go 0-12 requires a special type of bad. They're the first power conference team to go winless since Washington in 2008. They're the first team currently in the Big 12 to go winless since Kansas State in 1988. That was the last year before Bill Snyder took over, and eight years before the Big 12 even came into existence.

But for Kansas football this year, we knew the season would be vomit-inducing. The Jayhawks ended up with only 62 scholarship players, a full 23 fewer than they're allowed. Their starting QB suffered a season-ending injury in spring ball. Their backup QB and third-string QB suffered season-ending injuries in October. They weren't even favored against the FCS team they played. The nicest thing we could say about them before the season was that they'd get plenty of fresh air.

The important thing for Kansas this year was not an on-the-field thing. The important thing was that Charlie Weis was no longer the team's coach. By firing him and hiring David Beaty, this season was already kind of a success.

Still, this team managed to impress us with how vomit-y they were. They ended up 123rd in points scored and 128th in points allowed. In conference play, they were outscored 385-94 entering Saturday's game. This team sucked perhaps even worse than we could've expected. And that's something to throw up about.

That said, UCF also went 0-12 this year, and their 0-12 season was just as sad.