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Will Muschamp got so f***ing angry, he helped cost Auburn 3 points in a close Iron Bowl

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This is impressive rage, even for him.

Here's how Auburn was able to get two quick personal fouls for the price of one, and all it took was Will Muschamp completely losing his mind to get there.

GIF credit: CBS

Let's first note that yes, it's funny that the referee fell flat on his back, especially since he appears to be just fine and didn't hurt anything more than his pride.

With that out of the way, this is where the fun starts. Auburn was flagged for a late hit on this play, which made Will Muschamp absolutely lose his mind. Auburn was then hit with another personal foul for giving the refs some stick, which appears to have stemmed from this lovely interaction.

Muschamp continued to work on that poor side judge, and needed several assistants to just pull him away from getting another personal foul.

GIF credit: CBS

Those 30 free yards off a short run by Jacob Coker pushed Alabama into field goal range, and allowed the Tide to extend their lead from one to two scores, up nine at 22-13 with less than eight minutes left. That's a big deal.

Muschamp, who has been known for his temper forever, already had a moment of rage earlier in the game that was so powerful, it scared the leaves clean off CBS' scorebug.

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