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PODCAST AIN'T PLAYED NOBODY: The Playoff committee will get it right in an infuriating way

Let's get mad at the Committee! It's fun!

In the 11th episode of Podcast Ain't Played Nobody, Bill and Godfrey discuss ...

  • The upcoming Playoff rankings
  • Why Clemson should top those rankings
  • The infuriating, overthought minutiae of the rankings process
  • Bill's committee anxieties (we're not a poll! we're not a computer rating! we're something more!)
  • Old men
  • Why the noon ET kickoffs should try harder
  • Backloaded schedules
  • Playoff rankings vs. the coaches poll (hint: they're really similar ... too similar)
  • The week's schedule (Richt defenses disappear if he loses to Kentucky, and ohhhhh, the losing coach of the Auburn-A&M game is not going to have a fun November...)
  • Good for you, Southern Miss

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Bill Anxiety bonus episode which won't really happen!