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North Carolina (football) dunking all over Duke with long bombs like these

That's a basketball reference.

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Fears of a post-Miami hangover for the Duke Blue Devils has been confirmed, as they are currently getting run out of the stadium by North Carolina, 38-10, after one half. Marquise Williams has a trio of long touchdown passes, 89 yards to Ryan Switzer off a flea flicker, 74 yards to Mack Hollins and 49 yards to Bug Howard right before the gun to give the Heels their current lead. Here's the flea flicker.

Williams has 404 passing yards in the first half and three touchdowns, and also has a rushing touchdown as well. Yeah, 404 yards, that's not a typo. He's spreading the ball around, too.

I'm not sure there's an adjustment that Duke can make to stop a guy that's just this hot right now. It appears the Blue Devils are mad about it, though, because there was some light scrappin' after the halftime whistle.

For those of you wondering, Williams was still over 100 yards short of the record for most passing yards in one half, 517 by Houston's Andre Ware in 1989.