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UNC football dumped a basketball amount of points on Duke, which only had football points

(Psssst, the Tar Heels are very legit ACC contenders.)

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The average all-time score of every game in the North Carolina-Duke basketball rivalry: Heels 64.1, Blue Devils 62.9.

The number of points UNC unloaded on its rival in football on Saturday: 66, the most the Tar Heels have ever put on Duke. (The Blue Devils managed 31. Okay job, Blue Devils!)

And that's actually something. A big something. The Blue Devils entered at 6-2 (and basically 7-1) with the country's No. 5 defense in S&P+. Beating Duke counts as an achievement these days, especially if you stack up numbers on offense.

UNC did! The Heels' 704 yards are the most by a non-Clemson ACC offense in any game in at least 16 years. Quarterback Marquise Williams had 425 total yards at halftime before cruising to 524. His backup, Mitch Trubisky, had more touchdowns than Duke's starter did. Seven Heels had at least one catch of 17 yards or more. Six different Heels entered the end zone.

So many dunks, and such style on them, too:

UNC should've been already ranked by the College Football Playoff committee, considering its only loss was a fluke at a neutral site and it's been dusting folks otherwise. But that won't be a problem now.

And with the ACC Coastal's only undefeated record and tiebreakers over Duke and Pitt, the Heels are now the distant favorite to reach Charlotte and face Clemson or Florida State.