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Jim Harbaugh went for 2 while up by 25, just like Bret Bielema once did

Peas in a pod!

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Via Big Ten Network

Hey Michigan fans, your head coach has something in common with Bret Bielema now! :)

Remember when Wisconsin went up 41-16 on Minnesota in 2010 and Bielema's team went for two? Bielema later explained it amid much anger by saying "the card" told him to do it, "the card" being the chart that has the math on two-pointers worked out ahead of time.

Jim Harbaugh made the same decision with the same score in the third quarter against Rutgers. (And Michigan might just be mad at Big Ten refs and taking it out on Rutgers.)

It's the right call, of course. Being up by 26 is really no different than being up 25, while being up 27 means the other team would need a field goal in addition to three eight-point drives just to tie. Since there's zero chance the Scarlet Knights are going to put four more scoring drives on Michigan, that's not a realistic concern for anyone in our universe, but the math checks out.

Mainly just like the idea of Harbaugh and Bielema, two highly entertaining coaches who do not share many Venn diagrams, following the same protocols.