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Arkansas threw a backwards Hail Mary and beat Ole Miss in overtime

Another week, another unbelievable lateral play. AND THEN THEY PICKED UP A TWO-POINT CONVERSION FOR THE WIN.

Down 52-45 to Ole Miss in overtime, Arkansas needed to pick up a 4th-and-25 to keep the game alive. And THEY DID IT. And they did it LIKE THIS.

The Arkansas Razorbacks provided Week 10's wildest finish.

Posted by SB Nation College Football on Saturday, November 7, 2015

We're calling this the Backwards Hail Mary. Brandon Allen completed a pass to tight end Hunter Henry, who was well short of the line to gain. So he just kinda threw it up. He knew he had to keep the play alive. So he just threw it up, hoping somebody would get under it.

And it somehow, by a miracle, got to Arkansas' star RB Alex Collins. And since most of Ole Miss' defense was on the other side of the play with Henry, Collins had some running room. And he made some guys miss. And he got a first down.

But Arkansas still needed a TD to win. They got it, and then went for two for the win:

And that was good for a 53-52 Arkansas win, severely hurting Ole Miss' SEC championship hopes.

In four weeks, we've had the Michigan-Michigan State bobbled punt for the win, the Georgia Tech returned blocked FG for the win against FSU, the Miami multi-lateral return to beat Duke, and now this. Miracles happen every dang week in college football.