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Arkansas chooses to go for 2 and the win in overtime, knocking off Ole Miss

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With the game at No. 18 Ole Miss on the line, Bret Bielema's Arkansas decided to go for it all after a touchdown (that was only scored thanks to a total miracle). The first try resulted in a Marquis Haynes facemask during a sack, but the second was quarterback Brandon Allen, the apparent subject of a Rebel fan's 911 call earlier in the night, plunging right in for the 53-52 victory.

The big pile of Hogs on top of the QB resulted in him lingering on the turf, but he told CBS moments later that he's fine.

Psssssssst, Arkansas is 5-4 and 3-2 in the SEC now. Guess we're doing the late-season Razorbacks surge thing again?