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South Florida high school coaches support Mario Cristobal as Miami head coach candidate

The former Miami assistant and Hurricanes player has a lot of good relationships in South Florida.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most important components of the new Miami coach's job will be recruiting from the fertile recruiting grounds in South Florida. That means having a good relationship with the high school coaches in the area.

247 Sports surveyed 34 high school coaches in the area, and they were nearly unanimous in their support for former Miami player and assistant, and current Alabama assistant, Mario Cristobal. Some clips:

"Right off the bat Mario Cristobal. I love the guy. He's a Miami guy. He's been in south Florida at FIU and was on the brinks of making them. They won two bowl games. He can recruit with the best of them. He's as big a part of success for Alabama as Nick Saban is." - Jevon Glenn, Deerfield Beach

"When it comes to the University of Miami you want a guy that played there that understands the tradition and knows south Florida football. Mario would be my choice and I really don't have a number two." - Rocco Casullo, Mater Academy

"I think Mario Cristobal for sure. I've been hearing about Butch Davis but I think Cristobal is the one. You look at the success he had turning the FIU program around and truth be told he probably should still be there." - Earl Sims, Gulliver Prep

Cristobal and former Miami coach Butch Davis are the betting favorites. Cristobal is also on Luther Campbell's short list. Our analysts see Cristobal as the best fit, too.