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Army vs. Navy 'College GameDay' signs include small decks, lots of Nickelback hatred

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Army vs. Navy isn't just a football rivalry. It's a life rivalry. If you know anyone in the armed service, you know there's more than a fair share of good-natured ribbing between the branches, sometimes bordering on the not-so-good-natured.

Mildly inappropriate, very funny.

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This is incorrect. Nobody would have bigger decks that Navy. Have you see one of those ships? The decks are massive. Wikipedia tells me the average size of a destroyer's deck is ... oh ... I see what you did there.

Navy is throwing down the gauntlet: They want Bama.

Army knows they're the underdog in this one, but they're used to it.

He makes a point.

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Star Wars signs have been a signs theme this year, but things are a little different when it's Army vs. Navy.

Can we talk about there being two seemingly identical men standing next to each other? There's the sign-holding man and the guy to his right.

Although their differences are vast, both Army and Navy share a common hatred.

Excuse me, but this sign is wrong, too. They do have a website.

Look who's trying to get their punches in ...

Who brought the Air Force guy? #armynavy @collegegameday @espn

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