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Houston’s coach got a diamond grill with Paul Wall, like he promised

What it do it's Tom Herman he's the AAC Champ

Tom Herman is the coach of the Houston Cougars. Houston is the world's capital of diamond grills. Herman had previously promised his team that he would get a diamond grill if it won the American Athletic Conference championship... and it did! So this happened:

He's didn't just get a diamond grill. He's got a diamond grill WITH RAPPER PAUL WALL. The AAC champ meets the People's Champ! Paul is a fan of Tom:

We'll still have to wait a bit to see what the grill looks like.

Anyway, we all pretty much assumed Herman would be leaving Houston after its spectacular 12-1 season, but, well, here he is getting a damn diamond grill with Paul Wall, the most Houston thing possible. Congrats. Please wear it during the Peach Bowl against Florida State.

As per SB Nation company policy, we will end this article with the video for "Still Tippin'" by Mike Jones ft. Paul Wall and Slim Thug, posted 10 times in a row.